Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Mistake?

Easter mistake? Maybe.
I had this great idea to get my husband a nerf gun for Easter and shirked my mothers advice about getting myself one. What was I thinking?!
Jk I am really happy that he is so excited to have a nerf gun of his very own to use is the wars against my nephews.

In other great Easter gifts David let me pick out a few loves of mine. Tangerine colored pants and some super cute toms that I got at a still of a deal!

Just a little up date about what is going on in our life. David got a sweet job at Oozle media as a web developer. He has only been there two week but he has already learned many useful skills at their Foosball table not to mention their roller derby at classic skating last week. Needless to say he loves his job. I myself am still at Nordy's living the shoe dream. I am an assistant manager in the BP shoes floor and love it. With women's half yearly and anniversary right around the corner life is going to get crazy. If anybody wants to come and shop just let me know.
In other fantastic news David is on schedule to graduate this summer! Can I get a whoot whoot!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A lot of Catch up

It has been a while since I have posted. Like almost 5 months ago so I decided to do some catch up on what has happened over the past 5 months.

To begin I will start out in June at the annual Bingham campout.

We started out with a hike with all of the kids.

Of course it wouldn't be camping without some fishing at like 5 in the morning. David loves fishing and so does my dad.

This is my Papa and he is what I like to call a skilled fisher.

We then went on some more hikes. Lets just say this campout was filled with a lot of hiking.

We definitely had fun though!

This is the one time of year when I get to spend some quality time with my neices and nephews.

They are the little lights in my life that keep me smiling.

Jessica is also one of the lights in my life. Can't you just see why?

Then in July my cute sister in law decided to marry an amazing man!

His family is chinese so before the reception they had a traditional tea ceremony. It was really cool to watch.

These are the hansome men in me and my sisters lifes.

This is David with his 92 year old Grandma who I love dearly

This is all the girls right before we said goodbye to Jocey. We then sent her off to become a real women. ;)

Then in August we celebrated me and David's 2 wedding anniversary. David suprised me by taking me to the Cafe where we had our reception .

We never got a chance to taste the food at the reception, which was a really big bummer to me because I am a big foody. That is why it was so great to try some of the food.

It was amazing!!! Can you tell by the food crazed look on my face?

We then finished it off with two of my favorites Rasberries and Creme Brulee.

I am very grateful for David. He is the one man that can put up with me. That tells me I am beautiful when I am literally at my worst and when I want to give up pushes me forward and helps me to keep going. I love you Babe. Thanks for rocking my world and I hope it is still rocking 60 years from now!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cait's 11 Points of Grief

Here's Cait studying.

So, I decided to do a post cuz its been about a year and a 1/2 lol. And because Cait is finishing up her finals tonight. (only 20 min. left until her last paper is due). Anyways, I don't have any awesome photos to portray the study scene that is our apartment. BUT, I just wanted to say how proud of her I am. She has been putting all of her time and effort into this week. At the beginning of the week she made a list of 11 homework assignments to do by Saturday night at midnight. Among them were 4 papers, a web portfolio, 3 tests, and some readings. She had Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off from work and she spent ALL day (until past midnight every day even Tuesday) working to get done.

Here's the list... which is backwards in my webcam... sorry guys lol.

I just want to say I love you babe and I'm proud of you. After tonight, my wife will be a college grad :) !

Monday, July 11, 2011


We haven't posted for a while so here is some catch up!

So in May I kind of graduated so yay!

And after all of that stress we decided to take a trip.

First we went to Vegas.

David got bored driving and decided to eat around the core of his carrot.

When ever we go to Vegas we always seem to find crazy pictures. This one was at a restaurant. I know that it is the horses tail but come on it kind of does look like its farting.

We also found this bubble blowing machine on the strip and it is exactly what you think it is.

We of course had to go to Serendipities and have a 5000 calorie sunday! It was delicious!!!

We went to the m&m factory and got some m&m's I asked David to get me a couple peanut butter ones and he filled the bag. He put the bag back after I told him that it was 12 dollars a pound lol.

We always love to try new things and a chocolate covered potato chip was definitely a new thing for me. Saddly it was not very good.

One of the high lights of Vegas was running into sexy saxaphone man. If you do not know him youtube it. We got interviewed for a 20-20 special on him it was awesome!!!

We then traveled down to the happiest place on earth.


I think the pictures speak for themselves.

One of our favorite parts of the park is the cute animals!!!

After Disney we headed down to Valencia CA to visit my big sis Bekah. On the way down we took a little trip to Santa Monica Beach.

We caught little crabbies in a jar!

We went swimming and jumped in the waves!

We didn't take any pictures at Bekah's but it was really fun!!

Definitely a great adventure!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break

We had a really greaT spring break. David and I both had the week off from WeFa. We were able to get a new car, try and new restraunt, see our friends, get messages, and got to a new Temple.

This is the African restraunt with our BFF's Lexer and Jose. The restraunt was cool because it was like the restraunt on the movie Along Came Polly where you eat with your hands. Defintitly a new experience and good!

We were planning on taking our bikes down and going ridding but the weather was bad so instead we went to the St. George temple. It was beautiful!

This is our new car Spike! He is an blue elantra. This was our first time filling him up, David wasn't sure what I was doing when I took the pic but I thought it should be comemorated.

The biggest reason we went down was to go to my big bro (friend) Addy's wedding

This is Joshy and Addy at the reception

I was also lucky enough to hang out with my BFF's Katie and Lauren who are awesome and I miss them dearly!

Me and Brazil at the wedding

I just have to be cheesy for a minute and say that it was really fun being with my friends that I have been through so much with and to watch our friends grow as each one gets married. I love my friend because they helped to make me the person I am today.